m_box Reveals New FFXI Arrangement Project!

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m_box, one of the head sound directors at Easy Game Station, recently announced on his blog that he will be releasing a Final Fantasy XI arranged album. The album has yet to be titled, but he was kind enough to release a sample track of “The Cosmic Wheel” on YouTube (see above) for all to enjoy. It sounds really soothing, and I personally am looking very much forward to this album. It is scheduled for release at the next Comiket in December.

But who exactly is m_box? Well, he is currently the head sound director and composer for the doujin game circle Easy Game Station, who is responsible for titles such as Dash De Lei Lei, Duo Princess and most recently Tokkyu Tenshi, the spiritual successor to Dash De Lei Lei, which was a running platformer starring Lei Lei (or Hsien-Ko in America) from the Darkstalkers series. m_box has been a favorite of mine along with his partner Araibear as they use a very retro sounding style to their compositions, and is usually charming and happy, perfect for the platforming gameplay in their games.

So check out the demo, and check out Easy Game Station and listen to some samples of their other games!

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