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MAGClassic 2015 Final Lineup & MAGFest 2016 Hotel Info

September 4, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook MAGClassic 2015 Final Lineup & MAGFest 2016 Hotel Infoon Twitter

We’re a week away from the start of the MAGClassic (formerly MAGFest 8.5), which is the organization throw-back event meant to capture the smaller and more intimate feel of earlier MAGFest events at the Hilton Alexandria Mark Center hotel in Alexandria, Virginia. Last year’s event seemed to go off well enough to facilitate a repeat event for Fest-goers who favor a smaller and less grand event than MAGFest Prime. This year has a slew of performers, some previous MAGFest staples and some being fresh faces to the event, who will be playing over the course of the three day event. The final line consists of:

  • Super Guitar Bros
  • Professor Shy Guy
  • Brentalfloss
  • You Bred Raptors?
  • Triforce Quartet
  • Chipocrite
  • Crunk Witch
  • bones.exe
  • Radlib
  • Sam Mulligan
  • Zantilla
  • James Landino
  • and the currently unannounced, DiscoCactus

The event runs from September 11th – 13th and tickets are still available, so anyone who wants to experience a more subdued MAGFest like the days of yore should think about jumping aboard that hype train.

MAGClassic might prove to be a good alternative to the main MAGFest 2016 (aka: MAGFest XIV) event for some people. Within 24-hours of opening up room reservations at the Gaylord National Harbor, the event’s epicenter, all MAGFest-block rooms sold completely out, and we’ve been informed by MAGFest staff that the initial overflow hotels have also subsequently been completely booked. Fortunately, they assure that more overflow hotels will open up soon, and there’s always the chance of cancellations that will open rooms up across all of the hotels. MAGFest hit an attendance of over 17,000 at this past year’s event, lending weight to the rapid rate of hotel reservations for the upcoming event. Pre-registration for MAG ’16 is currently open at $50 per attendee with group rates available, and price increases by the end of September. I’ve also been informed that new swag will be available for attendees to purchase, both as additions to their registration and at the event itself, and any and all donations to the event are now tax-deductable with the organization’s new non-profit status, with funds going towards improving and supporting the event and helping its staff and many volunteers.

We’ll keep everyone posted with any big MAGFest news that pops up within the next few months. Band and guest announcements should start popping up within the next month or so, and we anxiously await to see what’s in store for what might be the biggest MAGFest event yet.

Will you be attending MAGFest 2016 or MAGClassic? What would you like to see at either event? Let us know in the comments!


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