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Massive 147-track Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Detailed

December 21, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Massive 147-track Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Detailedon Twitter

Massive 147-track Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary Blu-ray Detailed

Another piece of Square Enix’s multi-year Final Fantasy 30th Anniversary celebration is drawing closer to release and there’s new musical details to be shared. Releasing January 24th, 2018 in Japan is “FINAL FANTASY 30th Anniversary Tracks 1987-2017“, a double Blu-ray, audio-visual anthology of 147 songs from the fifteen numbered entries in the series. Last week Square Enix revealed the full tracklist, conveniently organized by title, which you can dive into on their official site. And this week they posted a preview video showing off the visual treatment you can expect alongside all that music.

Another newly announced bonus of the Blu-ray bundle is that you’ll be able to copy MP3s of all the music off of the discs to a PC or wirelessly beam them to your phone, laptop, or other handheld devices. I feel like that’s an incredibly generous move for Square who could easily have put out a separate CD version for sale alongside the Blu-ray.

Sadly, this is another Japan-exclusive product but if you’re up to the challenge of international shipping you can pre-order the roughly $60 package from Square’s shop, Amazon Japan, or Play-Asia.

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