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Massive Chiptune Groupees Bundle on Sale for the Holidays

December 10, 2015 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Massive Chiptune Groupees Bundle on Sale for the Holidayson Twitter


Chiptune fans now have something they can put on their holiday wish list. (Or ever gift to other fans!) Chiptunes = WIN has not only released a holiday compilation album, but they’ve also teamed up with other chiptune artists and Groupees to create the Bundle of WIN combo sale.

That’s right! As of Noon Eastern today (Monday, Dec 7th), we’re presenting you with the fantastic holiday opportunity to grab not only a brand spankin’ new 10 track ChipWIN compilation, ‘Bundle of WIN‘, but also 10+ albums from all of the artists involved in the comp! And everything provided through the fantastic folks at!

That not enough? Alrighty then. How about we include a bundle of awesome bonuses??  The more folk give in total, the more delightful bonuses that’ll unlock for all donors! Not to mention three really cool prizes for the top three donors. Yup. All that’s in this beautiful bundle!

On top of that, how about the chance to donate a percentage of your monies to everyone’s favorite fest that’s not a con, MAGFest?? Okay then. We’ll do that too! –Brandon L Hood aka “President Hoodie”

Like with all other Chiptunes = WIN albums, all sales are reinvested into the chiptune community and future projects, and in this case will include gaming and music event MAGFest. Two dollars nets you the basic bundle of 11 albums featuring a bevy of chiptune artists such as CarboHydroM and Auxcide, with additional proceeds unlocking bonuses. The sale lasts until December 22.

[Disclaimer: The writer affirms outside friendships with the chiptune community, unbeholden to the purpose of the post. Because who doesn’t want to support more chiptunes?]

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