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Meet Hyadain Part 2: Mega Man 2 – Crash Man

May 11, 2010 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Meet Hyadain Part 2: Mega Man 2 – Crash Manon Twitter

Wow, I can’t believe “Part 1” of our “Meet Hyadain” series was posted all the way back in December. I guess we’ve been busy with other stuff. Last time we featured my favorite Hyadain arrangement, “The Dreadful Fight” from Final Fantasy IV. I have such a huge backlog of Hyadain videos that I want to post that I haven’t even had time to check in to see if he’s done anything new!

This time we’re taking a look at the short but incredibly fun “CRASH! (Let’s do it),” which is another of my favorites from Hyadain. Just as with the Final Fantasy IV, there are gay jokes aplenty, as this entire track is Crash Man’s plea to Mega Man to be his lover. I particularly enjoy the line, “My bomb is about to go off!,” and the little whistle at the end of each verse. Check out the above video and feel free to scour YouTube and Nico Nico Douga for other Hyadain remixes. Hopefully it won’t be 5 months before we post the next video in our series.

Do you have a favorite Hyadain arrangement?

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