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Mega Man 9 Soundtrack is “Retromazing”

July 11, 2008 | | 5 Comments Share thison Facebook Mega Man 9 Soundtrack is “Retromazing”on Twitter

Okay, so I stole that word from Destructoid’s Chad Concelmo, but imitation is the highest form of flattery, right? I can’t help but watch this trailer (courtesy of IGN) over and over again to hear the two amazing songs featured within. It’s everything that we’ve known and loved from oldschool Mega Man titles and their music.

The track that appears throughout most of the trailer is heavy on bass and percussion, featuring an epic flute melody that screams of badassness. Near the end of the trailer, what I presume is the title music takes over with a powerful ascending melody that really gets the adrenaline pumping. I hope to hear more of the music at E3 next week, and rest assured I’ll let you know how the rest of the music in the game is sounding. I imagine the raw square and triangle waves will cut right through the rest of the noise of the floor.

So who’s writing the music? In an interview in the most recent issue of Nintendo Power, Inafune says in response to a question about the music, “Everything down to the music and sound effects is all 8-bit style. The composer is one of the staff members who worked on Mega Man Zero […] and someone who worked on music for NES games was also involved.” That pretty much narrows it down to two out of about twenty people! It’s still great to hear that they’re really aiming for the heart of the franchise.

What do you think of the tunage found in the trailer? Is this the triumphant return of the true blue that you had hoped for?

[via Destructoid]

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