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MercurySteam and Oscar Araujo Reunite for Raiders of the Broken Planet

October 17, 2016 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook MercurySteam and Oscar Araujo Reunite for Raiders of the Broken Planeton Twitter


Oscar Araujo, best known as the man behind the most memorable part of Castlevania: Lords of Shadowthe music — is returning to the video game scene again for Raiders of the Broken Planet. Araujo is reuniting with MercurySteam, the developers of Lords of Shadow for the asymmetrical 4-vs-1 sci-fi adventure game that’s currently in closed Beta testing.

“I feel very comfortable working with my friends at MercurySteam once again and I’m so excited by this world of adventure they are creating in Raiders of the Broken Planet”, remarked Oscar. “It’s really making me approach my work in a new way. My hope is that the game’s music will bring a stylish sense of adventure to the game.”

A “stylish sense of adventure” is how I’d describe the game’s main theme preview track above. The song sets the theme on acoustic guitar, builds it up with electric punch and breaks it back down for a sweeping ride in just a few moments’ time.

Are you looking forward to Raiders of the Broken Planet or a new score from Araujo? Let us know in the comments below.

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