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Metroid Metal Newest Release: Super Metroid Ending!

November 13, 2009 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Metroid Metal Newest Release: Super Metroid Ending!on Twitter

Grant Henry, known as Stemage and frontman of Metroid Metal let us know that he has released a new track recently, this time from Super Metroid, the “Ending Theme” to be exact! He’s joined by Dan Taylor on bass and his brother Adam Henry, who does an impressive job.

Grant says “Here it is – the last ‘few’ notes of the Super Metroid soundtrack. It’s a wild one, taking the shape of something more like ‘Boss Medley’ in structure, as opposed to the verse/chorus/verse style of other newer tracks. It’s very “old school” in that regard.” It certainly is a bit different from Metroid Metal’s other recent songs.

It also seems we won’t have to wait long before we see more new material, as he further mentions “I have firm plans for the next track, and I want to get the foot back up on the monitor for it. So, you can expect a pretty straight forward metal track.” Check out all the details and downloads at Metroid Metal.

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