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Metroid Metal: Varia Suite is Almost Ready to Suck Away Your Money

August 17, 2009 | | 5 Comments Share thison Facebook Metroid Metal: Varia Suite is Almost Ready to Suck Away Your Moneyon Twitter

It’s almost here, the Metroid Metal studio album is right around the corner! Grant Henry, AKA Stemage is well known for his work on Metroid Metal where he has arranged the full soundtracks for Metroid, Metroid 2 and Super Metroid into pure metal glory, and has gone on to start arranging the music from the Prime series. Last year, he put together a live band consisting of Dan Taylor, Dan Behrens, Mike Molnar and Kevin Lawrence for an amazing performance at MAGFest 7 and also to record the long awaited Metroid Metal studio album! The release date is September 8, 2009, so get your wallets ready and be prepared for what might be the best game arrangement CD of 2009. They posted a preview on YouTube for everyone to enjoy.

You can also catch Metroid Metal live at PAX at September 4th, and pre-order their CD here. Be sure to watch for our review of the album soon!

Do you feel the Metroid spirit is retained in the metal style? And is there any other game you would like to see get similar treatment?

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