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Metroid: Other M Pays Homage to The Original Metroid

June 7, 2010 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook Metroid: Other M Pays Homage to The Original Metroidon Twitter

Yes, while Audun spotted the Metroid: Other M teaser website some months ago with a nice piano ballad accompanying it, Nintendo has launched an official website for the game, featuring a remix of the title BGM from the original Famicom Metroid. While Kenji Yamamoto often included references to past Metroid titles in the Metroid Prime series, Other M composer Kuniaki Haishima pays tribute to the very origins of the series with this chilling orchestral arrangement.

While I am a bit disappointed that Kenji Yamamoto isn’t handling the game’s music (I wonder what he’s up to?), I have enjoyed everything that I’ve heard from the game thus far. At least it seems as though Nintendo is ditching the terrible MIDI-based score that plagued some of the most important moments in the Prime series. Now we just have to wait for a soundtrack release. Cross those fingers!

What do you think of Haishima’s arrangement? Are you looking forward to the game and its soundtrack?

[via Nobuooo]

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