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I hate sitcoms. Most of them, anyway. But those I don’t hate, I desperately love. This is one of them, and I hope you’re with me on this.

The Office (American version) is a great show. Part of what makes it so great is the production value: the handcam recording, mockumentary-style clips, and, yes, the opening theme song.

And thanks to the almighty power of YouTube, you can hear that song over and over, in many different ways!

Hit the jump to read about (and hear) my favorite cover of this awesome song.

Relient K is a fairly well-known pop-punk band with roots in the “Christian music” industry. They’re also well-known for writing short, silly songs about some of their favorite pop culture references. From Thundercats to Back to the Future, these guys know how to capitalize on something good when it comes along.

On their most recent tour, Relient K has been playing a 2 minute piece that starts with their own mini-jingle about why they love the show, then transitions to the opening theme. There are countless recordings of this song on YouTube since they played it at every show during their end-of-’07 tour. Below is one example.

What are your favorite TV themes? Instrumental is prefered, but anything will do. Also, are there any awesome covers of these songs floating around the net? It’s popular to do in Japan with Anime, but it’s less common with Western Television, which is part of what intrigued me when I saw this.

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