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Mighty Switch Force OST + Remixes Now Apprehendable

December 29, 2011 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Mighty Switch Force OST + Remixes Now Apprehendableon Twitter

Have we ever mentioned that we love Jake Kaufman’s music? It was just months ago that we were rocking out to his excellent soundtrack for BloodRayne: Betrayal, and now he’s back with Mighty Switch Force which I would argue is one of his best works to date. Tons of upbeat pop and electronic tunes are featured along with 8-bit remixes from Kaufman himself, the yogurtbox team, and others. And it’s available for name your own price… which is free, if you’re cheap. Proceeds fund his studio so he can make even more amazing music.

Some of my favorites? I love the theme he’s created for the ‘Mighty‘ series, which is arranged here in “Title,” but the cool jazzy pop vibe in “Level Select,” the cute yet explosive sounds of “Love You Love You Love” and the frantic “Apprehend Them!” are quite impressive. Not to mention the foreboding “Final Level” which would be worthy of a villain as dastardly as Ivan Drago. Not to mention the excellent remixes!

Check it out on Bandcamp and throw in a few bucks for a good cause and some great music!

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