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Mirror’s Edge Is Still Alive Contest: Win The Game For PS3 Or A Physical Copy Of The Remix EP

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That’s right, thanks to the good folks over at Nettwerk Music Group, you can win yourself a copy of the game for PS3 or a physical copy of the Still Alive – The Remixes album that David reviewed a couple months ago. Previously thought to be a digital-only release, EA Recordings and Nettwerk have printed a limited run of promotional copies, making this a rare opportunity indeed!

So, how do you win? Well, I was giving this some thought, and I’ve noticed that a lot of people are fussy about how the Mirror’s Edge title track, “Still Alive,” has the same name as another popular song from a popular game that you’ve probably heard about!  So how about you tell us what they should have called the Mirror’s Edge title track instead!  Simply reply with a comment offering up your alternate song title, and we’ll pick the two best (or funniest, etc.) on February 13, with the winner having their pick between the game or the album, and the runner-up getting what’s left  . Looking forward to seeing what you come up with, so good luck!

Did you enjoy the Mirror’s Edge in-game soundtrack? Do you think the Mirror’s Edge The Remixes album was any good in terms of commercial remixes that we’ve been talking about lately?

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