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Miss Good Music? Alexander Brandon’s Earthscape Has You Covered

January 19, 2010 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Miss Good Music? Alexander Brandon’s Earthscape Has You Coveredon Twitter

“Over the years, popular music seems to have stagnated and congealed into far fewer styles. No more rock ‘n’ roll, no more heavy metal, no more pure synth, and music videos are now reality shows.” Agree with Alexander Brandon’s assessment of modern day music? Well, he intends to bring all that good stuff back with his Earthscape album due out in February.

For those who don’t recall, Alexander Brandon was one of the brilliant musical minds behind Unreal and Deus Ex, and is to this day known around the world within the demoscene for his releases throughout the 1990s (and he also conducted this lengthy interview with Spencer Nielsen on OSV). He recently posted the above trailer for his upcoming album, Earthscape, and it looks set to please. Not only does it sound promising from a musical standpoint, but it’s hard not to be impressed by the album’s premise. Be sure to watch for it early in February when it’s released.

Have you followed Alexander Brandon’s long career in the demoscene and in videogames? Do you agree with his assessment of modern music, and think he’s on to something with Earthscape?

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