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More WDR News! Symphonic Legends To Have Live Audio/Video Stream

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News was broken quite recently about the Symphonic Fantasies CD: the tracklist, the cover art, the release date. All good stuff.

Only days later, we have more news from the folks at the WDR Orchestra in Cologne, Germany.

Word is that the “Symphonic Legends” concert, which will feature music from a variety of Nintendo franchise titles — from Mario and Zelda to Pikmin and Metroid — will be streamed live via WDR’s official website. This is, of course, just as they did it for Symphonic Fantasies last go-around. It’s certainly a nice addition for folks who cannot get out to Germany.

People with excellent Internet connections can do the full audio/video stream. Those whose connections can only withstand so much can do an audio-only stream.

The concert itself will take place on a Thursday evening: September 23, 2010. If you can’t buy tickets, be sure to check out the live stream. It’s sure to be a worthwhile listen/watch!

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