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Most Expensive Two and a Half Minute Song Ever: Kikuta’s AT / Metaphasic Child (Review)

November 14, 2009 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook Most Expensive Two and a Half Minute Song Ever: Kikuta’s AT / Metaphasic Child (Review)on Twitter

So, to counterbalance our coverage of Kikuta’s overly dramatic Kaijinki single from 2006, we thought we’d write about his latest release that actually debuted at Comiket 76 several months ago. While I don’t know much about AT / Metaphasic Child, I do know that it’s pretty awesome. And short.

One of the most interesting things about the disc is that it’s sold for 1,000 yen, or about $10. It doesn’t come with a jewel case, a booklet, or anything of the sort, but is straightforward with its 2:30 track, “AT,” and accompanying karaoke version. Must be an amazing song at that price, huh?

Hit the jump and learn whether or not this latest Kikuta single is worth the hefty price.

So, I said this is a counterbalance to our coverage of Kaijinki. That means this one is super upbeat and fun, like the Kikuta of yore. “AT” opens with chaotic layers of guitar, rapid percussion, and what sounds to be some kind of high-pitched Rhodes piano. This volatile concoction is quickly joined by robotic female vocals provided by Wakana Sakuraba that move lightning-fast through a few verses, shifting rapidly in pitch with some autotune effects. Sounds odd, but it’s quite a blast.

The production on this track is top notch as well. Kikuta is obviously going for a retro sound, but this is truly one of his better produced tracks, staying true to his retro roots while taking his sound beyond the SNES-style format that we’ve heard a lot from him in recent years. The elements all play together so nicely, too, and come off as really clean and well-constructed, which was probably a difficult task with so many different things going on in the track.

Well, I guess the main question is whether or not it’s worth shelling out $10 for. I’d be hard pressed to find any 2:30 song that was worth $10, and without a jewel case, booklet, or anything else for that matter, I’d have to say probably not. It’s definitely an interesting release, and I’m not quite sure what this Metaphasic Child record label is (as opposed to his usual Nostrillia label), but it’s an interesting piece of music that raises a bunch of questions, that’s for sure.

Have any information about this Metaphasic Child record label, of which “AT” is the second release? Would you be willing to spend $10 to hear it?

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