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Multiplayer II: Co-Op Album Offers 26 Collabs for Charity

August 18, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Multiplayer II: Co-Op Album Offers 26 Collabs for Charityon Twitter

Multiplayer II: Co-Op, the follow-up to last summer’s video game remix album, is out now with all proceeds going to the Child’s Play Charity Network. The 26-track album collects the efforts of over 50 artists working together on unique collaborations to put new spins on classic video game themes.

There’s String Player Gamer working with Tera Catallo & xclassicalcatx to arrange “Metal Man’s Theme” from Mega Man 2 for orchestra and rock band. A ukulele and electric guitar rendition of the Crash Bandicoot Warped theme by Motion Ocean and Knife Mom. Josiah McDaniel & RichaadEB’s ultra-fast metal version of Gauntlet. An incredibly smooth acoustic and synth take on Streets of Rage from Mitchell Cairns & Songe. A metal rendition of “One Winged Angel” from Final Fantasy VII by LittleVMills complete with a choir of ten other collaborating composers.

And there are so many more; over 90 minutes of music in total. Check out samples and pick the album up on your digital storefront of choice: Loudr, Amazon, Google Play Music or iTunes.

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