Music, Media-Mix, Multi-Media: M3 2010 Spring Line Up

Music, Media-Mix, Multi-Media: M3 2010 Spring Line Up

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May 5th will be extra special this year. Not only is it yours truly’s birthday (P.S. feel free to send me money), but we also get to enjoy the M3 media market. M3 is a convention held in Tokyo twice a year, once in spring, and the other in autumn. While most people would likely have only heard of Comiket, which is the largest of the media conventions, there is a distinct difference to the tone and selection between the two events. M3 is solely for multimedia items, and no doujinshi is really released there, unless accompanied with other products or previous releases. This means that there is plenty of doujin to be released, and we’ll take a small look at some of the releases announced so far.

MintJam is back in good fashion with their vocal EP Beyond The Eternity, featuring Rita. Rita has been quite prolific in the indie game scene with her voice, and previously worked with MintJam on the Little Busters! series. Magical Trick Society, Jeet Singh’s famous circle has new album coming called Melodies -RPG Piano Collection-, which is pretty self explanatory and will be arranged by Watamin, longtime collaborator of Jeet Singh. It will feature titles such as Chrono Trigger, Fire Emblem, Actraiser and Ogre Battle. One of the more interesting releases however is Ese’s Level Seven – 7th Dragon Arrange Album, which will be a metal arrange album of Yuzo Koshiro’s 7th Dragon. Ese is most well known as the man behind the circle Jesus Is Dead, and is a long time favorite in the scene.

With a plethora of Touhou Project and original works lined up, you can be sure to see many more names at M3, like IOSYS, ASIA LUNAR, IRON ATTACK!, FMPSG and takrockers!!. If you go, make sure to let us know, and have fun! M3 is held on May 5th at the Tokyo Ryutsu Center.

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