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Review: Nameless Game EP As Amazing As Expected, Hopefully Coming to an iTunes Near You

August 15, 2008 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Review: Nameless Game EP As Amazing As Expected, Hopefully Coming to an iTunes Near Youon Twitter

Many have been closely following Square Enix’s foray into the survival horror genre in Japan with ナナシ ノ ゲエム (Nameless Game). After watching the Japanese trailer, which featured a catchy chip tune that sounded a lot like Koichi Sugiyama’s work on Dragon Quest, I was determined to hear more of the game’s music.

Square Enix delivered (at least in Japan) with the Nameless Game EP last month, featuring six tracks that all happen to be variations on the catchy theme from the trailer. Credited to Louise Noma, who many suspect to be Square Enix’s sound editor Masayoshi Soken, the music is eerie yet calming at the same time.

Hit the jump for impressions of this five-track EP that absolutely deserves a release on iTunes in the US.

The EP opens with “Nameless Theme,” which is the track we’ve all heard and loved. It’s actually quite long at 4:43, and contains layer upon layer of melody that harmonizes perfectly. There’s even a jazzy swing that can be heard during various parts of the song.

This track is followed by “Namele&# Thエme,” a severely mangled and distorted version of the original “Nameless Theme.” Trust me when I say it’s actually quite difficult to intentionally create something that sounds this messed up. While it’s an impressive compositional marvel, it doesn’t make for the most enjoyable listening experience. “Nameless Theme [Requiem]” follows with a contemplative belltone version of the theme, which is actually a contender for best track on the EP. I’m a fool for belltone music, and the beauty of the melody really stands out with this more minimalistic approach.

The next track is appropriately titled “Ending…?,” with an upbeat take on the theme, sporting a nice swing and ascending arpeggios. The NES-style percussion is a nice touch, and the piece still retains an element of eeriness despite the upbeat approach. The final track, titled “To Father ‘When You Come Home, Please Listen,'” is a strange one, sounding like a cinematic scene with rain in the background as a window is slammed shut, and a woodwind version of the melody is performed seemingly live, with intakes of breath between each measure. Thunder sounds forebodingly in the background, and the track ends with quite a bit of time remaining on the clock, which had be bracing for something frightening at the very end, but it thankfully never came.

Unfortunately as amazing as this music is, it’s only available to iTunes users in Japan for the time being. You may recall that I was asking Square Enix’s music licensing and publishing manager, Tsukushi Izumi about bringing this EP to the US. If there’s a large enough demand, I’m sure this along with the small overhead cost of putting material on iTunes will be enough to convince them to bring it over. So let’s hear it!

Who wants to see the Nameless Game EP hit iTunes in the United States? Have you been following the game’s Japanese release and are hoping it will be announced for the US in the near future?

[Special thanks to IkariDC for the translated track titles]

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