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Negro Stole My Music: DJ Caught In Stealing Demoscene Music

August 3, 2010 | | 6 Comments Share thison Facebook Negro Stole My Music: DJ Caught In Stealing Demoscene Musicon Twitter

Bjørn Lynne was and still is one of the most famous demoscene musicians of his time. During the early 90’s he released his works under the pseudonym “Dr. Awesome” which grew to legendary status on the Amiga scene, and eventually he became a respected game music composer having composed for such games as Worms, Brat and Seven Kingdoms. He today enjoys life in my hometown of Stavern, where he runs his label and freelance studio Lynne Music which he uses to license out his music for TV shows and other projects such as talking pillow cases.

Recently on his facebook, Lynne states that he encountered what seems to become a recurring problem for chip and demoscene musicians. A DJ by the name of El Tigro Negro who brands himself as a “techno dance house workout music DJ” has been renaming and retooling Lynne’s music and selling it on Spotify and Amazon without any permission. At first look it seemed to only be one track, but on further inspection, it turns out El Donkey Dingo has released a 102 track long album consisting of stolen music by not only Lynne, but countless other artists as well. When faced with a request to take the music down, El Platypus Blanco told Lynne to piss off and claimed he had bought the rights to the music.

What do you think of such blatant disrespect and theft? Visit Lynne for the real deal.

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