Not From Sweden: Planet Boelex & Lisa’s antenna present Little World… and it’s Big!

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Planet Boelex is one of my favorite electronic artists, and the craziest thing is that he releases his music for free online. Needless to say, he’s one of the reasons I’m not a musician… how can you compete with such a talented artist who isn’t even getting paid to write this amazing stuff?

Anyway, he’s teamed up with vocalist Lisa’s antenna to bring listeners Little World, a majestic, 30-minute journey into layered atmospheres and enchanting vocals. Need a reference? Think Björk, but I have to admit that my bias for Planet Boelex leads me to say this is even better than the international electronic artist I just named. What’s even more, this release is the first from a new netlabel called Soft Phase, so it looks like they’re off to a great start!

Hit the jump for a brief description of the six tracks that you can download for free.

“Are You There” starts things off with typical Planet Boelex ambience that’s heavy on bass, standing in contrast to Lisa’s antenna’s high-pitched, otherworldy vocals. The steady pitch of Lisa’s antenna’s voice in both “Angels” and “Fall” combine with rich piano chords to give a contemporary jazz/soul feel. Did I mention the production values here are absolutely amazing? They could be selling this music.

The melancholy “Walk ahead” comes next, with subdued vocals and a mischievous string/piano backing that lends an almost 007 feel. About half way through the strings explode, and the addition of snappy percussion and a thick bass give the track a sort of cool elegance. “Outlet,” my favorite track on the album, takes on a pop edge with deliberate vocal phrases with lots of pauses, allowing the music to shine through, and have I mentioned I like Planet Boelex’s music? Dreamy yet groovin’, it plods along at a walking pace, allowing listeners to soak up the soundwaves. “Fill me up” ends the album with a lot of reverb, giving the track a spacey, dreamlike feel that eases listeners into silence after the album is over.

So, what are you waiting for? This is some great mood-setting electronic music. Little World is available for free on the Soft Phase netlabel, so head over and check it out.

Any fans of Björk out there that would agree with my comparison? Can you believe this stuff is available for free?

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