Operation: 1-Up Launched to Help Fellow VG Music Fan in Need

February 23, 2015 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Operation: 1-Up Launched to Help Fellow VG Music Fan in Needon Twitter

One thing I love about the video game and VGM community is the often overwhelming outpouring of support for fellow fans and enthusiasts. In this case, 16-year old music and video game fan John (aka:DarthAurelius) was diagnosed with inexplicable total renal failure. Neither of John’s kidneys are working properly and he has been confined to needing regular dialysis treatments to help flush toxins out of his blood like his kidneys should be doing. Now, this is an ailment that afflicts many, young and old, within our world every day. John, it appears, has some guardian angels looking to help at least this one young man have a second lease on life.

Operation 1-UP is a charity arrangement album looking to help contribute to the raising of funds that John needs to help acquire a new kidney. Medical treatment both prior to and after receiving a new kidney is not cheap, especially when waiting on a donor list and needing dialysis multiple times a week for several hours. Thus, a group of musicians and gaming fans have created a 21-track arrangement album dedicated to helping raise awareness of John’s condition and help bridge the gap between well-wishers and John’s medical treatment goals. Artists such as Super Guitar Bros., MissionGuitar, Motion Ocean and several others have donated arrangements from Super Metroid, Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy VII and more towards the cause.

You can check out the album and cause for yourself and either pick up the album or throw a bit of money towards John’s treatment and help out.

Operation: 1-UPLoudr | GoFundMe | Twitter

You can also learn about other programs to help fight Kidney Disease and organ donation at the National Kidney Foundation.

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