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Original Sound Version Feature: WASD

Original Sound Version Feature: WASD

October 19, 2016 | | 4 Comments Share thison Facebook Original Sound Version Feature: WASDon Twitter


Last month, Original Sound Version partnered up with the Dwelling of Duels game music competition and Impact Soundworks at MAGFest Labs to debut “Opposing Bloodlines“; a video game music competition specifically for established game music cover bands, be they instrumental, chiptune, acapella or otherwise. The competition was  a success with one of the prizes for the winner being a feature on OSV!

The grand winner of the competition was a one-man band out of southern Maryland known as WASD. Who and what is WASD?

Imagine a LAN party where you show up, lug your computer in the door, hook up to the network with your friends, and start up your favorite classic PC games. Suddenly, you are transported to mind-scarringly realistic world where Soviet missiles scream by, Stroggs rip your friends apart at the seams, UFOs are shot down by high-speed jet fighters, and ghost pirates laugh at your demise. All accompanied by the most metal version of these soundtracks you have ever heard.

WASD is the one-man band formed by Austin “Katamari” Green to celebrate PC game music. Formed in early 2013, WASD is inspired by progressive metal and a love of computer games and their music. Their debut full-length album, Shift, is available now in physical and digital formats on Bandcamp and features music from games such as Secret of Monkey Island and Quake 2. The album itself was reviewed by Ryan, so you can scope out his opinions of the album. Also be on the lookout for a 5-track WASD EP to come in late 2016 and check out the special track that won the competition from the game Turrican below.

We are also giving you, loyal readers of Original Sound Version, a chance at a free copy of the album! We have been generously given eight download codes for a digital copy of Shift from Bandcamp for you to sample and enjoy.

To win these codes, be one of the first eight commenters on this article with your full email address and which WASD track you like the most! We’ll send you one of the Bandcamp codes and how to redeem them. Be sure to check out all of WASD’s work on their social media pages for future releases!

WASDBandcamp | Facebook

Disclaimer: Mr. Green assisted with the Opposing Bloodlines listening party held at MAGFest Labs; however all competition entries were anonymous to voters to prevent any bias.

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