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Original SoundCAST: Episode #008 (A Comedy of Errors)

September 16, 2010 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Original SoundCAST: Episode #008 (A Comedy of Errors)on Twitter

Oh Lordy, what an event. What an “episode.” In every sense of the word.

In this one we try, and fail, to talk about Metroid: Other M, Mafia II, a ton of Square Enix music, and a handful of other awesome things. But yes, emphasis on fail. I’ll just reprint the first few spoken words you’ll hear on the podcast right now:

Hello. This is Patrick from OSV.

The podcast you’re about to hear contains mythic levels of FAIL.

A series of microphone problems, compounded by Skype connectivity issues, resulted in a raw file that took hours and hours to mix and clean.

The end product may sound, at times, less like a conversation and more like a series of sound bytes. To make up for this, we packed this episode full of awesome game music to hold your attention.

You may also find some remnants of bad audio takes within the podcast. Whatever you find, we do hope you enjoy this lovely, embarrassing episode: Episode 8 of Original SoundCAST.

I think that about sums it up. Enjoy!

Download: Original SoundCAST Episode #008

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