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OSV Exclusive: 7th Dragon Arrange Album Preview

June 9, 2009 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook OSV Exclusive: 7th Dragon Arrange Album Previewon Twitter

Looking forward to the 7th Dragon piano and strings album due out next month? We revealed the tracklist to you a couple weeks ago, and now we’re providing you with an exclusive sneak peak of the music itself. We’ve been fortunate enough to hear the album in its entirety, and if you’ve been wondering what to expect, I don’t think you’re going to be disappointed.

While I love the music from both 7th Dragon and Etrian Odyssey, this sophomore effort from the Koshiro/Hibino duo takes things to a whole new level. From the variety of styles presented to amazing performances that will capture your complete attention, this album is an upgrade in every sense of the word, and that’s not saying the Etrian Odyssey arrange album wasn’t also an amazing piece of work!

Read our full preview of the Live Music by Piano and Strings 7th Dragon Super Arrange Version after the jump.

If you’re not immediately satisfied by the sweet piano and laidback guitar in the opening track, “The Adventurer’s Beginning ,” the heartfelt interplay between the violin and cello will have you sold for sure. From there, you’ll get a taste of Europe with the Mediterranean influenced “Battlefield – Swords Bursting ~ Battlefield – Howl, Veteran Soliders!” which sports some awesome accordion work, and “Battlefield – Seven Threats” with its Spanish influence featuring snappy percussion and flamenco guitar.

“Labyrinth – Domain of the Bewitching Flowers” is another one that will bring you to tears with its intriguing yet beautiful strings and piano melody. The title of “Beautiful Garden – Miross Fedaration” says it all about this track, sounding like the musical companion of that first ray of sunlight that reaches your window in the morning. I am most impressed that Hibino’s string arrangement sounds like something Koichi Sugiyama would create.

The “Choice” portion of “Peaceful Inn ~ Choice” is a playful jazz lounge piece with dancing guitar notes and swinging piano, while bossa nova also returns in a big way with “Songstress of the South Seas – Marlleaire Islands.” Along with these, you’ll find the epic cues and relaxing orchestral tracks that you’d expect based on the Etrian Odyssey album.

I don’t want to spoil too much, so that’s all we’re going to say for now. Be sure to watch for our full review of the album in the coming weeks, and start saving up for the June 24th Japanese release date from 5pb. I know a lot of people (us included) really dug the Etrian Odyssey arrange album, and I have a feeling that you’re going to enjoy this one even more.

Are you looking forward to the album release later this month? Do you think the variety of styles featured this time around is a step in the right direction?

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