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OSVchannel Episode 3: Mega Man 9 and de Blob Soundtracks

September 24, 2008 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook OSVchannel Episode 3: Mega Man 9 and de Blob Soundtrackson Twitter

It’s been a couple weeks, but here’s our third OSVchannel update.  This time I’m giving you a taste of the music from Mega Man 9 and de Blob, both of which we have been covering extensively on OSV.  Get your dose of retro goodness with MM9 and shot of funk and jazz with de Blob.

As always, send your tips and suggestions to [email protected]  We want to know what we can do to make our video updates more interesting.  Be sure to stay tuned for OSVchannel Episode 4, as we’re going to have another “special surprise” for you.

Have you been digging the music in Mega Man 9?  Are you going to be picking up de Blob at Circuit City to get the soundtrack CD?

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