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OSVchannel Episode 5: Silent Hill: Homecoming, Etrian Odyssey, and OSV is Hiring!

October 14, 2008 | | 4 Comments Share thison Facebook OSVchannel Episode 5: Silent Hill: Homecoming, Etrian Odyssey, and OSV is Hiring!on Twitter

Another week, another OSVchannel update. I actually recorded this in the middle of the night, right before bed, so sorry if I seem somewhat distant! I didn’t even realize there was so much important stuff to cover from this past week. Good thing I remembered!

The first order of business is the recent Silent Hill: Homecoming soundtrack preview on Amazon, especially the stunning trip-hop track, “Witchcraft,” which is absolutely awesome. Next up, we listen to a couple of my favorite tracks from Live Music by Piano and Strings: Sekaiju no MeiQ I & II Super Arrange Version, including “Scene – Blue and White” and “Cherry Tree Bridge,” both of which are quite beautiful.

Lastly, I put a call out to all of you out there who would be a writer! We’re looking to bolster our Associate Editor list there on the left side of the screen. If you think you have what it takes (that is, some writing experience and a passion for music), send your writing samples to [email protected] and tell us why you want to write about nerdy music. We’re looking forward to working with you!

Will you be picking up the Silent Hill: Homecoming soundtrack when it’s out or the latest Etrian Odyssey album? Do you have a favorite track from the respective preview or album?

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