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OSVchannel: Halo 4 Original Soundtrack Limited Edition Unboxing Video

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There are those who said this day would never come. What are they to say now?

Halo 4 is on the horizon, and people have been wondering what composer Neil Davidge would do in Marty O’Donnell’s and Michale Salvatori’s place. While I personally enjoy the soundtrack album, it is admittedly different. Still, don’t let that dissuade you, as the music in-game is incredibly effective and will have you thinking of Metroid Prime fairly often.

In the meantime, check out the limited-run limited edition soundtrack above. It contains the soundtrack, a remix disc (with arguably better versions of the songs than found on the OST), and a making-of DVD. Also inside is a vinyl record, a code for an exclusive shirt for your XBLA avatar, a signed print, and a massive booklet walking fans through the music production process and each track on the album.

It’s available on the Halo 4 soundtrack website for $74.99, and is definitely worth your consideration.

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