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OSVchannel: iGMB Video Review

OSVchannel: iGMB Video Review

Email This Post Share on Facebook OSVchannel: iGMB Video ReviewTweet This Post Print This Post 09.13.12 | | 7 Comments

UPDATE (9/14/12): We said “14 albums,” but there are actually 15! This video totally skips over the soundtrack for “Mecho Wars HD” by Sean Beeson. As such, we will have an in-depth review of that album up in the coming days. Keep your eyes peeled!

Last week, when we announced the new bundle from, we asked you to give us ideas about what we should do to cover the new bundle. For GMB2 we interviewed every composer in the bundle; for GMB3 we reviewed every album individually.

One reader wrote in and suggested we do a single video review for all the albums on the iGMB. Dear reader, enjoy! We deliver!

The review comes off more like a commercial, mostly because I like (almost) every album in the bundle. Enjoy!

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