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OSVchannel: Unpacking the 21-Disc Behemoth That is the SaGa Premium Box

August 25, 2009 | | 5 Comments Share thison Facebook OSVchannel: Unpacking the 21-Disc Behemoth That is the SaGa Premium Boxon Twitter

So, it’s finally here. We mentioned this massive 20 CD + 1 DVD SaGa collection some months ago, and even talked to Square Enix’s Music Licensing Division Manager and Promotions Manager about the set, but we now have it in our hands a full day ahead of the Japanese release. I thought some of you out there who are considering purchasing the box, or have already placed your orders may be interested in checking out what’s inside, so we’ve gone ahead and done just that.

This thing is massive. And the “assembly required” thing I mention in the video? It will take you a good half-hour, and I still don’t know if I put it together correctly. When it’s done, however, it’s quite a stunning sight to behold. Oh, and the music is awesome too! I’ve been digging the Gameboy SaGa titles (they were my most anticipated soundtracks of the set), and am looking forward to digging into the rest of the material in the coming days. Watch for our review!

Is this unpacking video at all entertaining to you? If it’s something you find interesting, we can pursue stuff like this more often in the future. Anyway, I can’t imagine Square Enix is making very many of these, so get one while you can!

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