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OSVOSTOTY 2012: Nominees for Best Other Release

January 20, 2013 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook OSVOSTOTY 2012: Nominees for Best Other Releaseon Twitter

Welcome, dear readers, to OSVOSTOTY 2012! This year is our craziest year yet. Every day this week, we will reveal the nominees for seven separate categories. The categories are:

Best Other Release
Best Re-Issue Soundtrack
Best Arrange Album
Best Sound Design
Best In-Game Soundtrack
Best Soundtrack (Overall)
Composer of the Year

After the first week is over, we will announce the winners for each category each day of the following week.

We’re starting with “Best Other Release.” This miscellaneous category covers any original music not written for a game. In this way, we’ve collapsed previous categories such as chiptunes or film soundtracks into this category alongside the usuals: original concept albums. Our nominees for “Other” after the jump!

Black Ocean / IMERUAT

“Imagine Masashi Hamauzu was asked to write more songs for FFXIII using the same team of people, but wasn’t limited by any thematic structures, cut scenes, or visuals..”

Read our full Black Ocean review.

FX4 / virt

“An aircraft which creates space-time anomalies, its use has unforeseen consequences, such as allowing a gay time-travelling vampire (FX3′s antihero) to cross into our universe.”

Read our FX4 announcement.

Indie Game: the Movie / Jim Guthrie

“There’s a power behind repetition, behind minimalist patterns that blend acoustic and electronic, that is easy to grasp but hard to master. […] Guthrie does minimalism with a level of mastery that really shakes me to my core.”

Read our full Indie Game: the Movie (Soundtrack) review.

Make Music, Throw Music / SleepyTimeJesse, et al

“Using the Yoshi’s Island soundfont, a team of musicians record original music as an homage to the SNES classic.”

Preschtale / C-jeff

“The brilliance of Preschtale is not to be underestimated, it is beyond a shadow of a doubt one of the absolute finest releases ever put on the Ubiktune label…”

Read our full Preschtale review.


“… the dead will rise, bringing the funk to town the way only classic game music can provide.”

See our other nominees here:

Soundtrack of the Year
Best In-Game Soundtrack
Best Sound Design
Best Re-Issue Soundtrack

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