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OSVOSTOTY 2012: Winner for Composer of the Year is...

OSVOSTOTY 2012: Winner for Composer of the Year is…

February 2, 2013 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook OSVOSTOTY 2012: Winner for Composer of the Year is…on Twitter

Composer of the Year is always a difficult category to judge because either there isn’t a single composer who’s done more than a single work in a year, or, in the case of 2012, all of our nominees had stellar years with multiple projects.

In this category, we select only one winner with no runners-up. So in case you’ve forgotten, our nominees:

Yuzo Koshiro
Daniel Licht
Jeremy Soule
Austin Wintory

And the winner is…

Austin Wintory

Wintory has provided us with some amazing music experiences in the past, but 2012 proved to be historic for videogames thanks to his work on Journey . You should know by now that it was nominated for a Grammy, and I’m hoping that it wins. Even if it doesn’t, it gives the game, the soundtrack, and Wintory the recognition it deserves. Wintory’s prospects in both gaming and the film industry will hopefully take off as a result, and that doesn’t even mention his work on Horn, which, while not Journey, was still great in its own right.

Here’s looking forward to what the future brings for Austin Wintory. I can’t wait to hear what he does on Banner Saga, among other projects. And I’m sure all of us will have a deeper interest in the Grammy awards this year thanks to his accomplishments.


See all of our OSTOSTOTY 2012 winners here:

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Best Fan Arrange
Best Arrange Album
Best Re-Issue Soundtrack
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