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Paranormal Puzzle Society: Best Soundtrack of 2009

October 28, 2009 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Paranormal Puzzle Society: Best Soundtrack of 2009on Twitter

Alright, I’m joking.  I have to disclose my bias when I profess my love for Paranormal Puzzle Society, as I actually wrote the music for this one, and probably would have never heard of it otherwise. But it’s actually a pretty addictive puzzle game with some some great artwork and a great team behind it over at Ludoko Studios (who were also behind Smaze last year).

I wrote a whopping two songs for the game, one for the menu and one for the in-game experience. Things aren’t settled yet, but I might be writing some more tracks for it in the future. I wanted to invite everyone to check it out (it’s free), and let the team what you think!  They could use the feedback to make the game even better.

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