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Paving The Way Forward: Jake Kaufman Travels West!

November 20, 2009 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Paving The Way Forward: Jake Kaufman Travels West!on Twitter

Yes, it’s true! Jake “virt” Kaufman has confirmed to us in an upcoming OSV interview about his work on Red Faction Guerrilla that he will be moving to the Los Angeles area in January 2010 to work in-house as staff composer and sound designer at Wayforward Technologies, the creators of Shantae and Contra 4 (both of which he scored) as well as A Boy and His Blob, which we just featured this morning (in case you already forgot!).

This is huge news for a number of reasons. Not only will we be hearing a whole lot more of Jake Kaufman in his natural element of retro game audio, but we’ll likely be within the vicinity of any live shows he does in the area. Here’s hoping that he sets something up around the time of E3!  Also, this likely means he’ll be working on their upcoming Shantae titles that everyone was pretty convinced he wouldn’t be working on.

Are you surprised by Jake’s big and shocking move to the West coast? Will you be looking forward to his music at Wayforward and possibly some live shows in the LA area in the future?

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