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PAX 2010: Gaijin Games Reveal Bit.Trip FATE, Minusbaby Provides Soundtrack

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My time at Seattle’s Penny Arcade Expo this past weekend wasn’t an entirely wholesome experience: Delayed for 15 hours in JFK airport and denied entry to the Friday night concerts upon my arrival, PAX was, to say the least, not off to a great start. That all changed, however, when Alex Neuse of retro indie studio Gaijin Games revealed their next title in the Bit.Trip series, Bit.Trip FATE, during the Destructoid LIVE panel on Saturday morning. The game will act as Gaijin’s take on the ‘bullet hell’ shoot-em-up genre, and will star the series’ charmingly square-like protagonist, Commander Video.

It’s no secret that we love the Bit.Trip soundtracks here at OSV, and part of the reason why is that they feature a different chip music artist to accompany the varied gameplay styles exhibited in each title. This time around, it’s NYC’s Minusbaby, a smooth-sailing selector whose previous album, Left, won our vote as one of the top chiptune albums of last year. What’s even better is that the soundtrack is available for download right now, before the game even releases! You can get the whole thing for only $6 on CDBaby.

Download: Bit. Trip FATE Original Soundtrack

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