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PAX West 2016 Concert Lineup & Music Panels

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PAX West 2016 is only a few days away, and you can expect a top-notch assortment of concerts and video game music panels this year! Here’s a quick rundown of what you can expect to see if you’re attending this year’s event so you can be sure to “catch ’em all”, so to speak.


Friday Night (8:30pm – 11:30pm PDT)

  1. MC Frontalot
  2. Video Game Pianist
  3. Bit Brigade

Saturday Night (8:30 – 11:30pm PDT)

  1. Super Guitar Bro.
  2. Triforce Quartet
  3. The OneUps



  1. OC Remix: Video Game Music Community/Lovers of Greatness (11:00am PDT – Chicken Theater)
  2. The Business of Geek Music (11:00am PDT – Hippogriff Theater)


  1. Maestros of Video Game Music (10:00am PDT – Sphinx Theater)
  2. Autograph Session – Maestros of Video Game Music (11:30am PDT – Autograph Area)
  3. Amplitude Tournament (6:00pm PDT – Console Tourney)
  4. Video Game Music Trivia (8:30pm PDT – Chipmunk Theater)


  1. Majoring in VG Music: How to Put On a Game Music Concert (2:00pm PDT – Hippogriff Theater)

2016 PAX West Maestros of Video Games Poster

As you can see, there’s a good amount of segments related to video game music, composers and the industry to check in on. You can check out more about the huge variety of panels at PAX West 2016 on their website, including the concerts and panel descriptions.

Attending PAX West 2016? Let us know what you’re most excited for, and come back after to tell us what you thought!


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