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Piano Pieces SF2 Contest Winner Determined! TWICE!

August 21, 2010 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Piano Pieces SF2 Contest Winner Determined! TWICE!on Twitter

Hey all! Just wanted to let you know who won the Piano Pieces SF2 Version Difference contest/giveaway. If you’re reading this, hoping it’s you; well, sorry, it’s not you.

On Thursday (August 19th) we selected “Mike D” using the awesome powers of MS Excel’s /random function. His “winning comment” was as follows:


Turns out he knew what he was talking about. When OSV contacted Mike to see which version he wanted, he admitted that he probably shouldn’t have commented, as he didn’t want to inadvertently enter the contest. You see, Mike already owned one version of the album (the original) and, like me, saw no point in owning both prints. So Mike gracefully declined, and we picked another winner.

Said new winner was Kaleb Grace, who left this comment:

SaGa Frontier II was the first OST I ever purchased. Loads of nostalgia for me. However, I never got around to buying this album. It would be nice to have.

For more SF2 arranges, check out the doujin albums Noise Mutation and Tone Quell.

So, congratulations to Kaleb, who decided to take the original DigiCube print (pictured above). Thanks also for the recommendations on the doujin albums! The battle medley including “Todfeind” off of Tone Quell is quite good!

To all the rest who left comments: thanks, and sorry we don’t have enough for everyone! We’ll try more giveaways like these in the future, so stop back often!

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