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Pre-Order Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, Get Some Free Stuff (Yes, Soundtrack!)

January 13, 2010 | | 4 Comments Share thison Facebook Pre-Order Lunar: Silver Star Harmony, Get Some Free Stuff (Yes, Soundtrack!)on Twitter

Fans of the Lunar series probably already know there is a remake in the works for the PSP. Actually, “in the works” is probably a poor choice of words, as it’s due out next month, but you get the idea. The fact that it’s out so soon provides even more of an incentive to jump on this sweet deal. Apparently fans who pre-order the limited edition of the game will be getting a soundtrack CD along with 13 collectible bromide cards.

The limited edition will set you back $39.99 as opposed to the standard edition’s $29.99, but the remastered soundtrack with both new and old songs should be well worth it. The game will also feature upgraded graphics and new story elements, so watch for the release date in late February.

Have you been looking forward to Silver Star Harmony? Any thoughts as to how much new music is being created by Iwadare?

[via Destructoid]

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