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Prescription for Sleep: Lullabies of Mana Arranged Album Released

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If you’re looking for a holiday gift for the Secret of Mana fan in your life, here’s something to surprise them with this season. Prescription for Sleep: Lullabies of Mana is the newest of the Prescription for Sleep game music series, derived from the original game soundtrack composed by Hiroki Kikuta and arranged by Metal Gear Solid composer Norihiko Hibino.

“Our first two Prescription for Sleep albums featured a variety of tracks from across all videogames, and were a great introduction to our healing game music concept. But with the third album, I wanted to try something different. I had been constantly tempted to pick tracks from Secret of Mana for our first two compilations, mainly because the music is so soothing in its original form, so I thought the next evolution of the series would be an entire album dedicated to one game.” – Jayson Napolitano; Scarlet Moon Records

The 12-track album is fully licensed and available now on Loudr. Those who purchase the album will also receive GENTLE LOVE’s tribute to late Nintendo President and CEO Satoru Iwata titled Prescription for Peace: A Tribute to the Departed at no charge, and discounts applied to the other Prescription for Sleep albums.

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