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Preview the Music of Octopath Traveler with Square-Enix Music

March 30, 2018 | | 1 Comment Share thison Facebook Preview the Music of Octopath Traveler with Square-Enix Musicon Twitter

If you weren’t aware of it, Square-Enix’s new RPG that’s slated to be released later this year for the Nintendo Switch has a preview soundtrack available for listening and purchase. Project OCTOPATH TRAVELER, which currently has a demo out for the Nintendo Switch and is receiving praise for its design and depth, receives its soundtrack courtesy of composer Yasunori Nishiki (Frontier Gate, Gravity Daze 2). With the demo receiving high marks, having the game’s soundtrack released in a preview album is a smart move on the part of Square-Enix Music.

The project OCTOPATH TRAVELER Original Soundtrack Preview Version features 22 tracks from the game’s full music lineup, and is currently available for download via iTunes Japan. The game currently has a proposed release date of July, and hopefully a full soundtrack will be released shortly after.

For those of you who are enjoying the demo and don’t want to wait for the full game’s release to enjoy Yasunori Nishiki’s compositions from the game, this preview version should whet your appetite.

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