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Question: Should Piano Collections Final Fantasy XII Be Made?

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I’ve been thinking. We asked Square Enix’s Izumi Tsukushi and Akio Shiraishi last year about the possibility of a Piano Collections Final Fantasy I-III and Piano Collections Final Fantasy XII album, and followed up again this year. We were told to “expect some good news” regarding a possible I-III album (2012 is the franchise’s 25th anniversary, so what better time for this CD?), but were also told flat out told that there were no plans for a Piano Collections Final Fantasy XII CD. I say why not?

Maybe the Final Fantasy XII soundtrack isn’t the most popular among the franchise, but it certainly does have an audience. In fact, it’s one of the most owned CDs in collections on VGMdb. Furthermore, reflecting on the recent Valkyria Chronicles Piano Pieces album that Basiscape had pianist Casey Ormond arrange and record, I thought it would be an easy enough undertaking to have Ormond do the same for Final Fantasy XII and have Square Enix publish it. I doubt it’ll happen, but here’s my vote for getting a piano arrangement of “Eruyt Village.”

Am I crazy, or does this make a whole lot of sense? Chime in and let us know what you think.

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