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Rainbowdragoneyes New EP Will Fill You With Primordial Booze

February 28, 2011 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Rainbowdragoneyes New EP Will Fill You With Primordial Boozeon Twitter

Described fittingly as “the Andrew W.K. of chip music,” Nashville, Tennessee’s Rainbowdragoneyes rules the corpse-strewn no man’s land that lies between DDR-style eurotrance and epic death metal with an iron fist. And his newest release, The Primordial Booze, makes certain that any who dare tread there are met with a customary greeting of unrelenting, microprocessor-fueled fury.

It’s especially telling how not being particularly fond of either of the above-mentioned genres doesn’t dilute my enjoyment of RDE’s unflinching, over-the-top anthems. Repetitive vocal progressions aside, there’s an intoxicating catharsis that coats the surface of Primordial Booze‘s bouncy and brutal tracks. Heavy-hitters Bit Shifter and IAYD lend some roaring Game Boy solos on “Fortune’s Dividend,” and the gruesome world presented in the verses of “Rape Castle” is described in the chorus as one where “all your dreams and all your fantasies come true.”

Much like his previous work, RDE’s charm here lies both in the potency of the schizophrenic musical mixture he’s concocted and its ability to get you catastrophically drunk off his unique, twisted sense of humor. Primordial Booze is available now on Bandcamp for $5 or more, with a physical release coming later this week.

Buy: Rainbowdragoneyes – The Primodial Booze (MP3/FLAC)

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