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Reflect On These Rhythms and Beats From Ubiktune.

September 10, 2012 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Reflect On These Rhythms and Beats From Ubiktune.on Twitter

It’s always a good time when Ubiktune sends a bit of news our way, and today is no different. Continuing their amazing year of releases, The last few weeks have seen two new albums released on the label, sure to peak the interest of chiptune lovers of all types and stripes.

Reflections of a Dancing Leaf by fluidvolt is an album based on Claude Debussy, celebrating his 150th birthday. The album is a tribute to the composer using the hardware of SNES, N64, NES and even uses 1bit sounds to demonstrate the greatness of grand compositions using the most restricted of electronic sounds.

Rhythm’n’Bits is a tribute album dedicated to the video game soundtracks that had a big impact on the artist, Yoann Turpin, as a child. The result is pure melodic bliss, inspired by the RPGs from the 90’s as well as Sega Mega Drive and Super NES games, blended with a good bit of funk to create a truly unique album atmosphere. With this album, Yoann has managed to make one of the best chiptune albums of the year, and it’s creative and original take with so many familiar sounds and themes makes it a must hear of the year.

Reflections of a Dancing Leaf and Rhythm’n’Bits are available at Ubiktune right now. Rhythm’n’Bits can also be purchased on iTunes for $9.99.

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