Rest In Peace Ronnie James Dio ~1942-2010~

Rest In Peace Ronnie James Dio ~1942-2010~

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Metal lost one of its most important figures yesterday as Ronnie James Dio sadly passed away from cancer. Dio had been a key figure in the metal scene since the late 1970s when he became the vocalist of Black Sabbath, successfully replacing Ozzy Osbourne, and would later form his own band named Dio. Dio was responsible for the now all time classic “Holy Diver.”

As this sad day comes to an end, we’d like to honor the life and talent of Dio by showing you a piece of his history that many have not heard of or seen. Enjoy the footage of Dio’s Famicom game Holy Diver, which was only released in Japan in 1989. The game was developed by Irem.

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