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Let’s Get Physical With Retro Remix Revue Volume 2!

October 20, 2009 | | 3 Comments Share thison Facebook Let’s Get Physical With Retro Remix Revue Volume 2!on Twitter

In September, we reviewed Retro Remix Revue Vol. 2 and were quite impressed by the diversity and excellent original sections worked into the arrangements. In fact, “Marble Zone” and “Gerudo Valley” are still frequently on my playlist and I can’t stop lovin’ them.

RRR2 was only released digitally, but now, you can finally pre-order a physical copy of the album! Prices are $13 for North America with shipping included, and $15 internationally with shipping included. Great price for a great album I’d say! The album will be out in a few weeks, and you can also still order RRR Volume 1 while limited supplies last.  Head on over to and pre-order your copy!

Digital copies are available on Amazon and iTunes.

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