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Retro Remix Revue Volume 1 Version 1.263

January 26, 2009 | | 5 Comments Share thison Facebook Retro Remix Revue Volume 1 Version 1.263on Twitter

I know it wasn’t that long ago, so hopefully you remember the big fuss we made over the Retro Remix Revue Volume 1 album last year. Well, there’s good news for those of you who were demanding a physical version of this impressive collection of tunes, as the team has decided to produce a physical version of the album, and it’s available for a mere $10!

But don’t think you’ll be getting the same ol’ Retro Remix Revue Volume 1 that you thoroughly loved and cherised in its digital-only format. The physical release contains a bonus track from Mega Man 2 and some informative (although sparse) packaging. I figured we’d tell you a little about the additions, so check it out.

Hit the jump to see what you’re missing.

Not only are you going going to find all the same tracks that were featured on the digital release, but there’s a new track 2 in town, titled “Intro, Title, Airman” from Mega Man 2. It opens with a solo piano version of the intro before exploding into a fast-paced rock version of the title track. Rock organs and some awesome guitar shredding carry the epic melody and finally give way to a funked out version of Airman’s theme. The synth melodies have a nice swing to them, and the solo towards the end of the piece is excellent. The deep bassline also lends the track a distinct groove.

Regarding the packaging, you’ll find the familiar television screen image on the cover, but the booklet contains extensive credits for each track as well as images of all 14 artists who worked on the album (who would have known there were so many!). It’s cool to get an idea of the scope of this project. Can’t argue with the price, either.

Did you enjoy Retro Remix Revue Volume 1 last year? Would you consider plunking down another $10 for the bonus track and packaging?

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