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Review: SPEED RACER’s Car-Fu Rocks, Rolls, Treats You To Samples

June 23, 2008 | | 2 Comments Share thison Facebook Review: SPEED RACER’s Car-Fu Rocks, Rolls, Treats You To Sampleson Twitter

SPEED RACER: THE VIDEOGAME (the title is officially in caps, sorry!) resembles F-Zero not only through its high-speed racing experience and a futuristic visual backdrop, but even the electronic soundtrack brings thoughts Nintendo’s beloved racer to the forefront of my mind. That’s not to say it’s without its own identity, as composer Winifred Phillips manages to inject a unique orchestral flair as well as quirky vocal bits that are all recordings of her own voice manipulated, twisted, and tweeked to form what she calls the “Generations Production Choir.” Bizarre? Yes.

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The opening track, “Speed Racer Opening Cinema” visits many of the game’s themes, featuring pumping electronic beats, blaring guitars, tense strings, and the roar of the crowd (again, an amalgam of Phillip’s own voice). I really found myself loving the menu music in the game, appropriately titled “Menu Music.” Although short, this tripped-out psychedelic electronic track loops flawlessly and actually had me sitting on my couch for minutes on end enjoying the ambiance. From here, the racing tunes kick in, ranging from a powerful guitar and brass fusion piece titled “Thunderhead” that features Phillip’s “choir” yelling, “Go! Go! Go!” to the groovin’ “Onuris” which sports some fancy guitar work and the peaceful call of seagulls in the background.

“Chick Chick Chick-Ah!” creates a funky disco atmosphere with the string section while making use of some cool pitch-bend effects. The more traditional electronic/rock fusion that is so highly reminiscent of F-Zero comes in near the end of the soundtrack with “Rev it Up,” “Move It,” and “Aurora Cryopticon,” all of which make great accompaniments to the crazy freeways in Southern California. “Move It” in particular features a catchy progression that I found myself coming back to again and again. “End Credits” is a light-hearted rock track with vocals that reminds us that SPEED RACER is for kids as well!

Overall, I found the game and the soundtrack to be a pretty good diversion while I for Nintendo to announce the next F-Zero title. Maybe they’ll even make a unique F-Zero peripheral to go with it! Anyone play SPEED RACER: THE VIDEOGAME and have thoughts about the soundtrack? Would you pick it up if it was to hit iTunes?

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