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Rez Invades Lumines: Puzzle & Music on November 21st

November 17, 2016 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook Rez Invades Lumines: Puzzle & Music on November 21ston Twitter


Tetsuya Mizuguchi may be behind some of the most stylish music/rhythm games but I can’t think of a time when his most famous titles (Rez and Lumines) have crossed over. Until now of course. Available worldwide on November 21st is the Rez Pack for Lumines: Puzzle & Music, the latest entry in the series for Android and iOS devices.

With Rez Infinite continuing to be one of the best received offerings on PlayStation VR it’s not a big surprise that the cross-promotion is finally happening but it’s a welcome one. There aren’t any more solid details yet on price or content but Lumines’ previous add-on albums have all contained 4-6 songs. The screenshots above at least confirm that “Rock is Sponge” and “Boss Attacks (Remix)” are included and there’s a good chance the newly created “Area X” from Rez Infinite will also be in the playlist.

Have you played Lumines: Puzzle & Music? Are you tempted to pick it up or get back into it for this Rez crossover? Let us know in the comments.

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