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RiME's Second Developer Diary offers a look at the game's Art, music and sound

RiME’s Second Developer Diary offers a look at the game’s Art, music and sound

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Greybox, has just released their second developer video for RiME, an upcoming game for XBOX One, PS4 and Nintendo Switch. In the video the developers discuss the art and design of the game, as well as the music and audio design. The video runs just under 10 minutes, and the discussion about the game’s music begins at 4:56. The developers talk about the game’s island as a character that tells the story of the game. In the video the music is described as a masterpiece that conveys the story arc and in game relationships. They also describe the music as having thematic adaptions to the player’s actions, and that the music ‘completes’ RiME.

David Garcia the composer is shown in the video offering some thoughts on his approach to creating the music. On April 6, 2017, Greybox also posted an excerpt of David Garcia’s score titled “Alone in the Light” which you can listen to below. There is also a link on the official YouTube video to download the sheet music.

Are you looking forward to RiME?

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