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River City Ransom: Underground Updates with New Soundtrack

River City Ransom: Underground Updates with New Soundtrack

November 17, 2017 | | Comment? Share thison Facebook River City Ransom: Underground Updates with New Soundtrackon Twitter

rcr_undergroundBack in July of this year, the game River City Ransom: Underground was hit with DMCA strikes due to issues regarding its soundtrack and music. One of the subcontracted composers, Alex Mauer, stated Conatus Creative used Mauer’s music without fair compensation or permission, and thus issued the DMCA strikes against the game, which temporarily took it off Steam. Conatus Creative has affirmed consistently that Mauer’s claims have zero legal basis, but decided to make a completely clean break from Mauer and have an entirely new soundtrack composed for the game.

Yesterday, Conatus issued an update on the River City Ransom: Underground Kickstarter that stated that the new soundtrack had been completed, and that the game has been updated on Steam to include the new music.

We’re excited to release Dino Lionetti’s new soundtrack for River City Ransom: Underground! Dino, one of the talents behind Cheap Dinosaurs, co-composed the original soundtrack for the game. Now he’s back with an all new rendition, blending hints of classic Technōs groove with subtle, catchy, and cohesive tunes we think you’ll love. 

Lionetti was also a subcontracted composer on the original soundtrack with Mauer and Rich “Distasterpeace” Vreeland. Dino confirmed the updated via Twitter as well.

To celebrate both the holidays and the update to the game, River City Ransom: Underground will be on sale at 50% off on Steam until this coming Monday, the 20th. If you haven’t picked up the game yet, you can now do so on the cheap and check out the brand new chiptune soundtrack by Dino!

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